Moooving Art is a unique and ever-changing public art revolution! Scattered across Greater Shepparton's parks, gardens, riverbanks and public spaces is an array of colourful, ever-changing fibreglass cows that make up the Moooving Art herd. 

This exhibition of life-sized 3D fibreglass cows brings a whole new meaning to street art!

Greater Shepparton produces a large percentage of Australia's dairy exports, making the bovine a natural choice for this unusual exhibition. There are 100 cows in the MooovingArt herd and they are displayed outside businesses, in gardens, on poles and in buildings including the Eastbank Centre, the Shepparton Visitor Information Centre and the Council foyer.

Tank is the artist in residence for the project and has painted over 80 cows over the past 15 years.

Shepparton art cows